The NAEC Safety Committee mission is to keep members informed of safety developments and to identify information and materials, which may be helpful to NAEC members in their safety and safety training programs. Below are links to various documents for download.

OSHA 10-Hour Training Programs - OSHA has made available thier training program documentation for the contruction industry generally and the elevator industry specifically. This linked page had thier powerpoint presentations as well as the handouts that they offer on the various sub-topics.

Selling Safety from a Sales Rep Eyes – This is a presentation created for field sales workforce to understand their roles when it comes to safety. A company using this could also input their safety stats to showcase their safety program.

Courtesy of: Raymond Downs, VP Environmental Health & Safety – TEI Group 509-525 West 34th Street, 4th Floor New York – NY – 10001 Telephone: 646-674-5695

NAEC Summer Safety Training Presentation – Courtesy of UNITEC Parts Company

Summer Months Danger Zone Presentation – Courtesy of TEI Group

Asbestos Awareness - Courtesy of The Mesothelioma Center

Hurricane Procedures

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