Vertical Transportation Management Program



The purpose of the Vertical Transportation Management Program (VTMP) is to provide basic entry level education in general business practices and technology related to the elevator industry. The target trainees are persons who have a CET or NEIEP certification and/or individuals who have business experience in a related field and are entering the elevator industry at the supervisory, sales, or other management level. The full program offers up to 214 hours of online education and awards a certificate of completion. The hours of study for the full program for each student varies depending upon his/her experience and education and the range is from 124 to 224 hours. Certificates of completion for part of the VTMP, technical or business, are available.

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Program Description

The VTMP is comprised of four technical courses, five business courses, a comprehensive introduction to business course, and industry specific study guides and related quizzes. See Program Overview.

Technical Courses

The technical courses include: 1) technical basics, 2) technical tasks, 3) technical safety, and 4) codes and regulations. These courses were developed by Elevator World. Fifty-five (55) study hours are estimated for completion. Individuals with a CET or NEIEP certificate may waive the technical courses.

Skillsoft Business Courses

The business courses include: 1) project management, 2) sales and marketing, 3) finance, 4) personnel management and ethics, and 5) business communication. The courses were developed by Skillsoft and require 112 study hours. The courses relate to general business practices and are not specific to the elevator industry.

Introduction to Business 100

This course is offered by Study.com for a fee of $59, if completed in one month. Thirty-five (35) study hours are estimated for completion. Persons may waive this course if they have previously taken an equivalent course and have documentation of a minimum grade of “C.”

Study Guides and Quizzes

Study guides specific to the elevator industry were developed by the Committee and technical experts for the five business courses. The guides provide industry specific material and examples and require the student to answer questions related to the material. The Committee worked with Challenge Training Corporation (CTC) to develop the guides and quizzes. The estimated study hours equal 12 hours and all students are required to complete the study guide quizzes.



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