The National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) offers the Certified Elevator Technician (CET™) and CAT™ (Certified Accessibility and Private Residence Lift Technician) certification programs. The goal of these programs is to provide the elevator industry and the elevator industry technical, mechanical, construction, and maintenance workforces with a means of obtaining and verifying critical education and training requirements related to compliance with industry codes, elevator and escalator specific technical theory, components, and competencies.

Scope of NAEC's CET™ Certification

The NAEC Certification Board has been created to promote quality elevator technicians; accessibility and private residence lift technicians; and related technicians through verification of formal education and examination of an individual’s experience within the industry.

The following criteria is must be met in order for to become a Certified Elevator Technician (CET™):

Completion of the NAEC CET™ Training Program or equivalent


Meet the experience qualifications: The applicant must have had a minimum of 10,000 documented hours (5 years) of on-the-job training by December 31st, 2007.

All applicants:

  • Must complete the entire application process, including submitting the respective fee payment, within 90 days of the initial application submission. The applicant will have 365 days to pass the examination from the respective examination authorization date.
  • Passing of the CET™ Certification Examination. If the applicant fails the CET™ Certification Examination, the following process will be applicable: (1) Failing the 1st Time – The applicant may retake the examination after a 30-day waiting period, (2) Failing the 2nd Time – The applicant may retake the examination after a 30-day waiting period and pay a $100 fee, (3) Failing the 3rd Time – The applicant may reapply after a 180-day waiting period.
  • Individuals passing the NAEC CET™ Certification Examination and approved by the Certification Board will be issued an identification (ID) card. Identification cards shall be issued for a one-year period, which shall correspond to the term of the certification period of the applicant. ID cards issued after October 1 of a given year will be good until the end of the following year. At least 45 days prior to the expiration date of the card, the person named on the card shall receive their application for renewal of the identification card. The information provided on the identification card shall be up-dated and any corrections made upon renewal of certification. Failure to properly update card information may result in transcript discrepancies and may cause delays in recertification.
  • Once an individual is CET™ certified, he or she must annually (certification period) complete a minimum of 10 contact hours of continuing education from a list of courses, seminars, or other education as approved by the NAEC Education Committee based on criteria provided by the Certification Board. Additionally, the 10 contact hours of continuing education must include at least 1 hour, and not to exceed 3 hours, of safety training. The safety training must be taken within a one-year period and cannot be carried over from one year to the next.
  • For purposes of this policy one year, annually, and certification period are defined as a calendar year.

The following documents can be submitted with an application to show proof of experience with Commercial Elevators:

NEIEP Completion Documentation
CET™ Program Completion
W2 verification
IUEC Benefit Hours Statement
Itemized Social Security Statements
Letter from previous employer needs to include:
  • Years of Employment
  • Position by Year - Have the positions identified - Helper, Mechanic, Foreman, Supervisor, Other
  • Hours per year

Other similar documentation can be reviewed by the Certification Board and determined that it shows eligibility.

How to file a complaint against a decision made by the Certification Board:

It is the policy of the NAEC Certification Board that the CET™ and CAT™ Certification programs are of quality and that all applicants, certified persons and their employers, and other parties within the certification process and criteria, as well as the performance of certified persons, have a fair and impartial forum to appeal decisions adversely affecting their certification status and/or a fair and impartial forum for complaints associated with the CET™ or CAT™ Certification programs to be heard. Therefore, through this policy, individuals wishing to appeal a decision affecting one’s CET™, or CAT™, status or having a complaint as to the performance of certified/candidate persons may file an appeal/complaint within thirty (30) calendar days of the occurrence which the appeal/complaint is about, or of the date on which the Appellant first knew or reasonably should have known of the occurrence.

Appeals/complaints are to be submitted to the Certification Board in writing including the full name, postal mailing address, and telephone number of the appellant/complainant and specifying the conditions and circumstances of the appeal/complaint. The written and signed appeal/complaint shall be sent to the Certification Board.

Certification Board
National Association of Elevator Contractors
1298 Wellbrook Circle, NE
Conyers, GA 30012-3873
Fax: (770) 760-9714
Email to:Jessica Harris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All complaints will be reviewed by the Certification Board for merit.

Upon receipt of an appeal/complaint, the Chair of the Certification Board shall promptly review the appeal/complaint to determine disposition of the appeal/complaint. If the Chair of the Certification Board determines that the appeal/complaint is of a nature that there should be imposed an interim resolution pending the outcome of the appeals procedure, then he or she may impose an interim resolution of the matter. The interim resolution may include temporary suspension of a certification or candidate status. Such a temporary suspension immediately mitigates a potential public safety issue. Any such temporary resolution shall not be construed as punitive, disciplinary, conclusive, or indicative of guilt.

Within ten (10) calendar days of the date the Certification Board receives an appeal/ complaint, the appeal/complaint will be investigated by an Appeals/Complaint Committee consisting of three individuals with expertise and knowledge in the area of the complaint and appeal and to include: (1) An individual appointed by The NAEC Board of Directors, (2) The NAEC Bylaws Committee Chair, and (3) A Past Member of the Certification Board. The investigation procedure(s) shall include: (1) A factual investigation of the appeal/complaint allegations in light of the applicable NAEC Certification Program rules and regulations as well as any applicable statute, rule, regulation, or policy, with the investigation including, but not necessarily being limited to, interviews of the appellant/complainant and any designated respondent to the appellant/complainant; and (2) A written determination on the disposition of the appeal/complaint. The investigation and final determination report shall be completed and issued to all parties within 30 days of receipt of the assignment of the appeal/ complaint to the Appeals/Complaint Committee from the Certification Board Chair. The resolution determined by the Appeals/Complaint Committee shall be limited to: (1) Exonerating the CET™, or CAT™, or of any wrong doing, (2) Suspension of the certification status of the respective CET™, CAT™, or (3) Revoking the certification status of respective CET™, or CAT™, The decision of the Appeals/Complaint Committee is final. Also, for purposes of this policy, one-year, annually, and certification period are defined as a calendar year.

How can I request information regarding an individual’s certification?

If you would like to receive information on an individual’s certification status, you may contact Jessica Harris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Each certified individual will need to sign a release that specifies the company or individual we are authorized to release the status of their certification to.

For additional information on each program, please visit the CET or CAT Certification page, or contact Jessica Harris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 770-760-9660.


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