Who We Are and What We Do

The National Association of Elevator Contractors is the premier association representing the elevator industry. Read about our services, vision and history below, or download our application to join our community, and start enjoying the benefits of membership today.

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Mission Statement

National Association of Elevator Contractors serves the interests of the elevator, escalator and accessibility equipment industry by promoting safe and reliable vertical transportation through education, networking with peers, and exposure to new technologies.

Who we are, and where we’re going

Consolidation and the constant evolution of the industry over the last 70 years have made the elevator community a relatively small and close-knit group. This means that being well known and respected by all members of the elevator industry has long been a key to doing business. An NAEC membership is an excellent vehicle for fostering the relationships you need, and for promoting trade between suppliers, contractors and customers from around the world.

From the yearly convention, to quarterly conferences, monthly newsletters and on to the development of our new website; we have worked hard to create an environment that promotes discussions, dialogue, and member participation.

But NAEC is important for more than building contacts. It is also a forum for the discussion of technical issues, and for promoting awareness of the latest standards. In addition to this, it is a resource center that members can use to find answers to crucial questions, or share their expertise with others.


National Association of Elevator Contractors’ vision is to be the premier Association that provides safety, training and education to all facets of the elevator, escalator and accessibility equipment industry.

Where we’ve been — Learn about the history of NAEC.

NAEC Bylaws — Read the NAEC Bylaws.

Our Beliefs — Learn about our beliefs, guiding principles and operating principles.

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