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CYPRESS, Calif.,May 11, 2020–The Elevator & Escalator Division of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.,headquarteredin Cypress,California, introduces an elevator call system application for smartphones.

In this era of COVID-19, touch-free call interface with elevators can protect passengers and make them more comfortable.The smartphone application is designed for users to have a more personalized, seamless experience with elevators that are equipped with theMitsubishi Electric Sigma AI 2200C Destination Oriented Allocation System(DOAS®).With the application, users who have passed their entrance security checkpoint have the ability to call an elevator remotely from anywhere in the building, utilizingan intuitive, user-friendlyinterface.The applicationdisplays theuser’s assignedelevator,itscurrent status and alerts the passenger as the elevator car approaches to assist in touch-free, smooth boarding.

The application offers increased convenience and mobility through innovative features such as:

  • ID Card Call–allowsusers to sync their security-issued ID cards to call an elevatordirectlyto their office floor upon swiping for entry into the building.
  • Smartphone Call–providesusers with the option to call anelevator from anywhere in the buildingand set both the arrival and destination floors in advance.
  • Call Status–tracksthe status of the users’assigned elevatorin real timeand sendsanotificationalertto their smartphoneupon its arrival.

The system is equivalent to holding the elevator controls in the palm of your hand, and eliminates the need to directly interact with the elevator fixtures, providingadditional health benefits. Users can also set a default call mode for specific needs, for example, torequest cars that are wheelchair accessible.

The system is equivalent to holding the elevator controls in the palm of your hand, and eliminates the need to directly interact with the elevator fixtures, providingadditional health benefits. Users can also set a default call mode for specific needs, for example, torequest cars that are wheelchair accessible. “Our goalat Mitsubishi Electricis always to provide quality and convenienceto the user,” said Chris Cole, national sales and marketing manager,Mitsubishi ElectricUS, Inc., Elevator & Escalator Division. “Especially these days,it’s important to be able to offer solutions to building owners that keeps passengers from having to touch common surfaces. We work diligently to createproducts that set us apart and respond to changing user needs, and anticipate a positive response to our latest innovation.”

The smartphone application is designed to be customizable based on individual user needs. Default settings selected upon application download can be easily changed by the user as needs change.The Elevator Call System application is available now –please contact your local MitsubishiElectric sales representative.

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About Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Elevator & Escalator Division
Headquartered in Cypress, California, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Elevator and Escalator Division sells, installs, modernizesand services elevators and escalators. The division is recognized as an industry leader in product quality, reliability, and preventive maintenance programs.“Quality in motion” is inherent in the division’s best in class products and people. Quality is at the division’s core. The products differentiate themselves through the smooth ride, leading edge technology and unmatched reliability. The commitment continues over the life of the product through the division’s intensive service program that maximizes uptime of vertical transportation. Additional information is available at www.MitsubishiElevator.comor 714/220-4700.

In addition to elevators and escalators,Mitsubishi Electric US group companies’ principal businesses include cooling and heating products, semiconductor devices, automotive electrical components, factory automation products and services, electric utility products and large-scale video displays for stadiums and arenas. Mitsubishi Electric US group companies have 38locations throughout North America with approximately 4,000 employees.

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Augsburg – It is only one of the many consequences of the corona pandemic, but it has significant consequences: With the shutdown, all platforms for international exchange among experts in the elevator industry were gradually lost. It will probably take several weeks or even months before the experts meet again at trade fairs, congresses, conferences or similar events.

The three interlift partners Elevator World, virgo communications and exhibitions and AFAG have also dealt with this problem intensively. And so it was during a telephone conference on 1st May that the idea of a webinar was born. With this new format, an instrument for communication within the elevator industry is now available. It is intended to support the experts not only temporarily, but also to intensify the exchange of information with one another in the long term.

Already on May 12th, 1,053 participants from 71 countries were able to follow the webinar "Global Elevator & Escalator Industry Perspective:
Current Scenario & Recovery Plans" to which the US magazine Elevator World, virgo communications and exhibitions, India and AFAG, organizers of the interlift in Germany had invited.

For more than two hours, representatives of the leading international elevator associations discussed the situation in their respective countries as well as solutions and perspectives in the event, which was moderated by Anitha Raghunath (virgo) and T. Bruce MacKinnon (Elevator World). Also present were Achim Hütter, President VFAInterlift e.V., Germany, Roberto Zappa, President of ELA (Belgium), Zhang Lexiang, General Secretary CEA (China), Sebi Joseph, Chairman IEEMA (India), Donald Gelestino, President NAEC (USA), Massimo Bezzi, President EFESME (Italy), Segren Reddy, Editor Elevate Africa (South Africa) and Fabio Aranha, President AEW South America /Brazil).

The three partners Elevator World, virgo and AFAG have been cooperating successfully in interlift for many years. The continuation of this cooperation is quite long-term, another edition of the webinar will follow before the summer break.

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Interlift 2021:The lift industry relies on the sector’s leading international trade fair in times of crisis as well.

Augsburg – “Lockdown!” – Just a few short weeks ago, only a very few people would have understood this term. That’s all very different now. The Corona crisis has hit the world economy like a bolt from the blue and has paralysed not just the economy but everyday life to a considerable extent as well.

And it has robbed the economy of what is essential for entrepreneurial activity: the certainty of being able to plan. However: even if this may still be true for the next few weeks, companies are expecting the situation to improve significantly in 2021, not only in Germany.

This is borne out too by the 100 or so registrations for interlift 2021 that reached our project management team within just five weeks of attendance documentation being sent out to prospective exhibitors. The lift industry is counting on its leading international trade fair, which might become more important than ever in these times.

Extremely successful: interlift 2019
The interlift is a safe bet for the majority of lift companies from all over the world. In Augsburg, they’re able to make contact with the industry’s top international decision-makers, forge new connections, and even conclude concrete deals on the spot.

On 18 October 2019, the most successful interlift since its première in 1991 closed its doors. With an occupied area of 46,500 m², 577
exhibitors from 44 countries and 21,260 trade visitors from 109 countries, it set several new records
As determined by the Gelszus trade fair market research firm, around 55% of our guests came from abroad. The proportion of decision-makers among them was again exceptionally high: 88% of visitors were involved in investment decisions, 38% even pivotally. Their assessment of the interlift was correspondingly high: 92% of trade visitors were pleased with a very good to satisfactory business result.

The survey of exhibitors also revealed an extremely positive picture: 57% of companies gave the business outcome of their participation in the fair the marks 1 and 2, 31% the mark 3, and “excellent” to “satisfactory” post-fair business was expected by 92% of companies.

Trade fair preparations underway: layout planning in August 2020

At the end of February, exhibitor attendance documentation for the interlift 2021 was sent out. It is also available for download at Important for all interested exhibitors: the layout planning of the exhibition halls by our project management team will be carried out as early as August 2020. This means that by this time at the latest, our project management should have received your registration form so that we can take into account your position requests as far as possible.

Always there for you: your interlift team and representatives

Over the last couple of years, project manager Joachim Kalsdorf from the organiser AFAG, together with representatives from our technical sponsor, VFA-Interlift e.V., were travelling around the world to present the interlift at all the relevant lift fairs. This was a good opportunity for interested companies to make initial contact with regard to attending an interlift. Currently, this isn’t of course possible (yet).

But the three interlift representatives – Hanan Wang (China), Angela Vinci (Southern Europe) and Bülent Yilmaz (Turkey, Middle East) – are at your disposal as contacts. This also applies of course to the proven interlift team of Joachim Kalsdorf, Sandra Geissler and Winfried Forster. As your reliable partner, we’ll be pleased to answer your queries at any time.

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ISEE 2020 Expo dates postponed to May 6th to 8th, 2021

Mumbai, April 8th, 2020: With the uncertainties related to the calamitous COVID – 19 pandemic that has impacted the global elevator industry, the “International Sourcing Exposition for Elevators & Escalators” for 2020 (ISEE 2020) has been postponed to May 6th – 8th, 2021. The exhibitors who have already signed up for ISEE 2020 have immediately and unanimously welcomed the decision to postpone the expo dates.

Suraj Thodimarath, Wittur India stated, “I agree that postponing the ISEE event to 2021 is the right decision. It will give the industry much needed time to recover from the COVID situation and ensure that we are in a strong position to leverage an international crowd when the expo takes place next year.”

Ashok Ramachandran, Schindler India commented, “I really appreciate TAK Expo for being proactive and foresighted to postpone the ISEE 2020 to May 2021. When we are reeling through this pandemic crisis, this is a welcome step and am very thankful to TAK Mathews for this approach. Well done.”

Diana Ji, Nidec said “The mission for elevator industry is to provide not only efficiency, but also safety to everyone. To postpone the show is an intelligent way to ensure we are in good condition when we work for people’s lives. Uniting the colleagues who share same goals, we will go further even if we slow down for a while.”

V. Jagannathan, Johnson Lifts stated, “In this hour of crisis worldwide and uncertainty in business climate and travel restrictions, it is not at all advisable to hold ISEE 2020 in the current year. Please look at postponing to second quarter of next year.”

Nakul Mehta, Bharat Bijlee commented, “We appreciate the decision to postpone ISEE 2020 to May 2021. The current economic and humanitarian crisis must take priority above everything else. The delay gives the industry and all the stakeholders a chance to return to normalcy.”

Hiren Panchal, Apson Motors said, “We appreciate this wise decision to shift ISEE 2020 to May 2021 due to unpredictable effect of COVID-19. We support TAK Expo in this brave decision. Hope everything will get well soon and we will lift the industry together.”

In solidarity with our colleagues, their families and friends, we wish the industry a safe and quick recovery. Together We Shall Rise Again.

For further information about the event, please contact Ms. Priyanka Choudhuri at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / mobile: +91 99204 13001


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April 8, 2020





On Thursday, April 9th, hundreds of construction firms from across the country will stop work and hold coronavirus-focused safety stand downs as part of a nationwide safety campaign organized by the Associated General Contractors of America. During the stand downs, crews will stop work, break into small, socially-distanced groups, and reinforce the new safety procedures and practices that all construction workers must follow to protect themselves and the public from the spread of the coronavirus.

The primary objective of the safety stand downs is to protect workers and the public amid the COVID-19 outbreak. However, several of the participating firms have agreed to allow media to attend and cover the safety stand downs. Here is an initial list of projects that will allow media to cover, along with contact information for each site. We will update this list as more firms sign up for the stand downs. Media interested in attending should coordinate with the appropriate project contacts to learn when the stand downs will take place, how to access the site, and what safety procedures to follow while at the project.

WHO: Construction Workers at Hundreds of Projects Across the Country

WHAT: Nationwide Safety Stand Down to Protect Workers and the Public from the Spread of Coronavirus

WHEN: Thursday, April 9th

Times will vary by project. Please coordinate with project contacts.

WHERE: List of projects allowing media to attend and cover.

CONTACT: National Contact: Brian Turmail, 703-459-0238 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Local Project Contacts: Here