Wurtec is excited to announce that Blake Pilgrim has been promoted to President of the Wurtec Group. Blake has been with Wurtec for nine years, two of which he led Accounting and Human Resources, four years as our Director of Operations, two years as Director of Sales & Marketing, and as of recent our Vice President of Sales.

Blake has spent the last four years reporting to our Board of Advisors to ready himself for this position. Blake will provide general management leadership along with implementation of strategic plans and build upon existing sales opportunities and efforts. The President has direct responsibility over the Finance, Engineering, Sales/Marketing, HR/People Operations, and Operations department heads. Blake will work closely with Steve Wurth to support the Wurtec Core Values, Employee Engagement, Company Focus, and Annual Budget.

Steve Wurth will continue to hold the office of CEO and Executive Chairman, with a primary focus on vision, customer relations, and innovation at Wurtec. Steve will also work as Wurtec’s culture champion to ensure customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

With this announcement, Joel Wooley has been named to Wurtec’s leadership team as Director of Sales and Marketing. Joel has 26 years of industry experience, of which many were in leadership roles.

Wurtec feels these changes position Wurtec for another 36 plus years of innovation, excellent customer experience, and an engaged workforce.