Wiedenhauzsen, June 6th, 2022 - The Wittur Group recently announced the publication of its first sustainability report, highlighting Wittur’s sustainability strategy and its commitment to sustainable growth, social responsibility and attention to environmental challenges. Wittur considers sustainability in all its aspects, including environmental, social and governance ones, and has thoroughly integrated this approach into every process within Wittur Group. 

The Wittur Sustainability report follows the GRI reporting guidelines; the key targets are based on the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations and consistent with actions required to keep global warming to 1.5°C according to Paris agreement.

Among the key targets declared, Wittur commits by 2030 to:

  • Reduce absolute scope 1 and scope 2 GHG Emissions;
  • Increase sourcing of renewable electricity;
  • Design sustainable, eco-friendly packages, 100% made of recyclable materials;
  • Reduce waste;
  • Support development of local communities in all Wittur sites;
  • Eliminate workplace injuries;
  • Sustain Zero health and safety impact of Wittur products;
  • Increase all Wittur employee’s awareness on sustainability via trainings on SDG’s;
  • Replace traditional manufacturing processes with greener alternatives.

Wittur’s sustainability roadmap was launched in 2020 and is driven by the Executive Management team. It establishes a clear framework for action on strategic priorities that capture Wittur’s most important sustainability challenges and opportunities. These were identified through materiality assessments and internal evaluation results with the Group Executive Management team and a selection of senior managers.

Wittur sustainability report is the outcome of a process started with the development of energy efficiency products certified according to the VDI4707 guidelines as early as 2014. In the same years, Wittur worked with all its suppliers to establish common actions for sustainable growth in the context of the Wittur Group supplier code of ethics; Wittur also committed to and published a Code of Conduct for all its employees publicly available through Wittur website. Finally, in 2021 Wittur completed a cooperative process among its teams to redefine Wittur values and purposes, with an approach more representative of the new times, new generations and new priorities. One of the key outcomes is that Wittur gives more visibility to the “Sustainability” concept in a specific value: “Protecting People and the Environment”.

Wittur Group Chief Executive Officer Tom Stephenson points out that “Wittur’s commitment to sustainability is pivotal to the long-term success of our company. We are developing ESG strategies that aim to improve the impact of our global operations and make a tangible contribution to shape a better world for future generations. We are seeking to create long-term value for our customers, suppliers, employees, families and communities”.

Wittur Group Chief Operating Officer Hans Koenigshofer expresses his satisfaction for this achievement: “I am very proud that we can share the first Wittur Sustainability Report. To achieve the set sustainability goals, we at Wittur have defined a portfolio of projects that capture all functions of the organization. We have embedded sustainability in our shared purpose and values and we have put structures and governance in place to steer the development of our objectives. We are prepared and committed to protect our people and the environment".

Wittur Group Global Sustainability and Quality Director Vincenzo Bruno remarks that “The approach to Sustainability at Wittur was facilitated by the IMS (Integrated Management System) developed in the last 5 years for the whole Group for Safety, Environment and Quality. Sustainability is bringing forward the continuous improvement, upholding all Wittur processes”.

Wittur Group Global Sustainability Manager Ayperi Sevinçli reflects that “setting a clear goal is the first step in achieving transformation. As Wittur Group, we have cooperated with all sites to devise an extensive roadmap for our Group with the aim of achieving the long-term goals announced by our CEO Tom Stephenson. This roadmap includes short, medium and long-term actions and initiatives not only against the climate crisis, but also including all aspects of sustainability. We will monitor all actions through periodic indicators, review our level of achievement and performance via our systems, and do our best to raise the bar continuously”.

Wittur 2020/21 Sustainability report is available for download from Wittur website at this address: https://www.wittur.com/website/get_download.aspx?ctrb_id=9580

Press contact:
Carlo Ferrari, Corporate marketing Communication Manager
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Wittur code of conduct: https://www.wittur.com/en/wittur-group/compliance.aspx

Sustainability section on wittur.com: https://www.wittur.com/it/sustainability.aspx

About Wittur

Founded in 1968, Wittur is one of the world’s leading independent elevator components manufacturers, with an extensive global manufacturing footprint and sales network and a broad range of products. Its product offering features components for new elevator manufacturing and sourcing and for modernization and upgrades. Components made by Wittur span from sophisticated mechatronic components for elevator doors to other essential elevator components such as gearless drives, slings, safety gears and cars.

The Wittur Group has a workforce of around 4,700 employees and conducts business in more than 50 countries. It is majority owned by funds managed by Bain Capital Private Equity.

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