Sacramento, CA: Smartrise Engineering, Inc. announces the release of its custom, pre-labeled Traveler and Hoistway Cables. “We decided to offer custom cabling along with our elevator controller to make installations more simple and expedient,” said President and CEO, Gilbert Zogbi. “With the wires pre-labeled to match the terminal name on the Smartrise Controller, our simplified solution will help to prevent wiring errors and reduce installation time.”

Smartrise has two styles of the Traveler Cable and one for the Hoistway Cable. The Traveler Cables have composite conductors, textile braid, steel or jute core, and PVC jacket. They both come with four shielded, jacketed pairs with an extra shielded pair for other use. One version comes with a coaxial. These Traveler Cables are the smallest in the industry with diameters of 1.29” and 1.185”. These cables have the following approvals: UL Type ETT, NEC Compliant, CSA Type ETT, and CSA FT1.

The Hoistway Cable has a core of one insulated conductor and filler; with 20 insulated conductors in the 2 layers. The binder is nylon with an open spiral wrap. This cable has the following approvals: UL Hoistway, NEC Compliant, and CSA Hoistway.

The pricing is competitive and Smartrise has received positive response from its customers.

For more information on these cables, visit and look under the “Product” Tab.

About Smartrise Engineering, Inc.:

Smartrise Engineering, Inc. is an industry leader in the production of non-proprietary elevator controllers. We have been in business since 2004 and have over 15,000 controllers installed throughout the US, Canada and the rest of the world. Smartrise is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.


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