Irving, Texas: Smartrise Engineering is now including a 5-year warranty for every C4 and Hydro:Evolved controller sold, once again changing the way business is done in the elevator industry. If you previously purchased a C4 or Evolved controller, this also applies to you, as your warranty has been extended to 5 years as well.

It is Smartrise’s commitment to quality and our absolute faith in our controllers that allow us to offer such a long-term warranty. “Smartrise controllers are the most reliable in the industry and are built to last, so extending the warranties on C4 and Hydro:Evolved is an easy choice,” said Smartrise CEO Gilbert Zogbi. “We hope that with this warranty building owners, contractors, and consultants that choose C4 and Hydro:Evolved controllers will have peace of mind knowing that Smartrise will have their back longer than anyone else in the field.”

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