Faribault, MN [PRWeb] April 30, 2009 – Humphrey Manlift Company, www.humphrey-manlift.com, manufacturer of the Humphrey Belt Manlift, offers comprehensive safety and inspection information for the care and maintenance of their manlifts. Manlifts are a safe up-and-down employee transportation system that are often used when cost, space, and durability are issues in an elevator system. All Humphrey Belt Manlifts are built of heavy-duty construction and designed in accordance with the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) A90.1 Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts, arguably the most comprehensive and up-to-date lift standards in the industry.

The Humphrey Manlift Company offers several instructional pieces for use with its manlifts including a DVD that outlines the proper use of the Humphrey Belt Manlift as well as inspection sheets to ensure appropriate care and maintenance of the equipment. As with any equipment, manlifts should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure proper maintenance. Manlifts are only for use by individuals who have been fully trained in the use of the manlift in order to prevent accidents due to inexperience.

“The Humphrey Belt Manlift has been designed for durability and includes safety features to help protect trained users”, said Mary Freeburg, General Manager, Humphrey Manlift Company, Inc. “We provide detailed inspection sheets and offer an orientation DVD to familiarize employees with the belt manlift.”

Humphrey Belt Manlifts are built with several safety features in place and follow the strict guidelines as required by ASME Standard.  Safety features include, but are not limited to: track switches and other stop gaps at the top and bottom of the lift, overhead bar to prevent riding over the top, and hoods to protect individuals when passing through floors. Humphrey Belt Manlifts also come equipped with a safety stop brake, a feature that Humphrey Manlift Company has offered for over 30 years.

Humphrey Manlift Company has tried diligently to contact all belt manlift users, regardless of brand, to encourage these companies to continually inspect and maintain their manlifts. Also, to make sure they are in compliance with the ASME Standard, as well as any applicable state and/or local codes. It is essential that companies who have purchased a Humphrey Belt Manlift, or any other brand of manlift, to have their manlifts inspected by individuals qualified to inspect manlifts on a regular basis to ensure proper upkeep.

For more information on Humphrey Manlifts or the care and maintenance of Humphrey Manlifts, visit www.humphrey-manlift.com or call 507-334-6193.

Humphrey Manlift Company, Inc.

Based in Faribault, Minn., Humphrey Manlift Company is the manufacturer of the Humphrey Manlift as well as a parts supplier for third-party belt manlifts. A manlift provides simultaneous up-and-down employee transportation. It is preferable to elevators when cost, space and durability are issues. Founded in 1887 to produce the invention of Seth K. Humphrey, the company is the world’s first producer of manlifts and is still the only manufacturer supplying manlifts worldwide. For more information visit www.humphrey-manlift.com.

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