Rockport, IN, March 23rd, 2021 – American Elevator Group (“AEG”), today confirmed the acquisition of American Service Group (“American Service” or “the Company”). 

Established in 1996, American Service specializes in providing a comprehensive range of rack and pinon elevator solutions and maintenance services, supporting industries including power generation, cement production and high-rise construction throughout the Midwest, Eastern and Southern United States.

Recently appointed American Service President Bill Lawson, a seasoned elevator industry professional, welcomed the acquisition and the opportunities it provides, saying “American Service is a well-regarded business, operating within a niche part of the larger elevator marketplace. Supporting industrial plants that must operate continuously is a demanding, but highly rewarding business. Now, with the support of American Elevator Group, we have the resources available to expand American Service Group’s services across the entire country.”

C. Mark Boelhouwer, AEG’s President added “American Service joining AEG increases our ability to better serve customers with a wider portfolio of services. A bonus for us will be the ability to offer our traditional elevator services alongside American Service, with shared facilities planned for Houston, Texas and other locations yet to be confirmed.”


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