We wanted to provide an update on the status of our QEI Program.

With your help, we reached our minimum number of test takers. The QEI exam was analyzed to ensure the exam’s statistical integrity. A psychometric analysis of the exam and review of the items by subject matter experts are required components of accreditation to ensure the exam’s fairness and impartiality for test takers.

We are now able to score the QEI exam, and those who have taken the exam will be notified of their results (pass or fail). Receiving a passing score does not mean you are QEI certified yet, and you will not receive an ID card from NAEC.

Before we can issue ID cards and fully certify anyone as a QEI, NAEC must pass accreditation by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board). The application has been submitted and is currently under review. We anticipate receiving an update from ANAB in the spring. 

Once the QEI program receives accreditation, those who have passed the exam will receive an ID card from NAEC and be considered QEI certified. We understand this has been a long process, and we appreciate your continued support. Without you, we couldn’t have pursued QEI accreditation.

As we receive more information, it will be shared.



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