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Memphis, TN, October 26, 2023 — Torin Drive North America (Torin Drive NA), a leading provider of elevator traction machines, is pleased to announce a significant enhancement in its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As of October 15, 2023, Torin Drive NA is introducing an industry-leading 5-year warranty for its elevator traction machines, ensuring even greater peace of mind for its customers by providing an extended safeguard against manufacturing defects.

Elevator reliability and performance are of paramount importance in the vertical transportation industry, and Torin Drive NA's new 5-year warranty reflects its unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier products. This extended warranty period reaffirms Torin Drive NA's belief in the quality and durability of its elevator traction machines.

Morgan Jones, General Manager of Torin Drive North America, expressed her enthusiasm for this milestone:

"We are thrilled to announce our new 5-year warranty for Torin Drive NA's elevator traction machines. Elevator reliability is critical, and we believe in the craftsmanship and engineering that goes into our products. This warranty not only demonstrates our commitment to quality but also our confidence in the performance and longevity of our elevator traction machines."

About Torin Drive North America:

Torin Drive North America is a leading provider of elevator traction machines. With a commitment to excellence, they offer high-quality, reliable elevator components that meet the demands of the modern vertical transportation industry.

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