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Posted on: March 14, 2022

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Summary of Responsibilities:

Job Overview:
The Maintenance Elevator Mechanic is responsible for repairing and maintaining hydraulic and traction elevators and related equipment (relays, controls, wiring, contacts, cables, and doors) to ensure proper working order and passenger safety.

Supervises responsibility:
This position does not have any supervisory responsibility.

Essential Functions
• Perform monthly maintenance and minor repairs on elevators and all related equipment
• Use hand and power tools and testing devices (tachometer, electrical tester, etc.)
• Troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair problems with elevator systems (relays, controls, wiring, contacts, cables, and doors)
• Troubleshoot electromechanical components to identify the source of malfunction
• Comply with safety regulations and building codes
• Clean elevator cars, nuts, bolts, shafts, pits, shivs, and motors
• Maintain and repair electrical components (e.g. relays, control boards, timers, etc.)
• Maintain and repair hydraulic elevator components (e.g. pumps, main seal, shaft, tanks, valves, monitor temperature and pressure, change oil, etc.)
• Assist external contractor during regular elevator car inspection
• Document all maintenance and repair work
• Participate in mandatory training to maintain elevator skills
• Perform other related duties as necessary

Maintenance Elevator Mechanics
Service and Elevator Maintenance routes within the five boroughs of NYC. Company vehicle or vehicle allowance provided. Basic knowledge of elevator electronics and mechanicals. Reliable and detail oriented. Ability to work a 40-hour week and Overtime/weekends if necessary. Clean driver’s license. Verbal and written communication skills (ability to fill out maintenance logs/records, and properly use dispatching App provided on Company phone

Qualifications / Required Skills
• 3 Years Elevator Experience; Resume, work experience and references must be submitted to be considered for this position
• Thorough knowledge of the NYC Building Code and ASME Safety Codes
• Ability to communicate
• Computer/mobile business device skills
• Clean/valid driver’s license
• OSHA Certification a plus
• Participate in mandatory training to maintain elevator skills

Work Environment
We provide your Personal Safety Equipment. You are required to immediately report if any equipment becomes damaged or missing. You cannot work without your any piece of your safety gear missing or damaged. You must also accept responsibility for your helper and the riding public. If you need any equipment to ensure the safety of the job site or the safety of others, you must request it and not proceed until the equipment is provided. Champion listens to its employees. We take their suggestions, input and their advice to help improve the employees experience to make a better company.

Injuries and Illnesses
Elevator installers and repairers may suffer falls from ladders, burns due to electrical shocks, and muscle strains from lifting and carrying heavy equipment. As a result, workers must take precaution and wear protective equipment such as hard hats, harnesses, and safety glasses, at all times.

Work Schedules
You are required to work 40 hours per week. In some cases where advised, you may work overtime when emergency situations arise, or deadlines need to be met. Office hours are typically Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

On-the-job training and Safety App and Programs are provided. During training you will learn blueprint reading, electrical and electronic theory, mathematics, applied physics, and safety.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations
Currently, 35 states require elevator installers and repairers to be licensed.

We recommend individual licensing. Some associations offer certification for workers. Although not required, certification can show competence and proficiency in the field. The National Association of Elevator Contractors offers two certification programs for elevator installers and repairers:

• Certified Elevator Technician
• Certified Accessibility and Private Residence Lift Technician

Ongoing training is important for The Modernization Position in order to keep up with technological developments. We encourage furthering your education and training. If qualified, we can offer support in specific areas. This training improves a worker’s ability to advance and be promoted. Some Modernization Elevator Mechanic’s may receive additional training in specialized areas and advance to be a mechanic-in-charge, adjustor, supervisor, or elevator inspector. The sky is the limit here at Champion, do your best to excel!

Important Qualities
Detail oriented. You must keep accurate records of their service schedules. These records are used to schedule future maintenance, which often helps reduce breakdowns.

Mechanical skills. You must be able to use a variety of power tools and hand tools to install and repair lifts. Escalators, for example, run on tracks that must be installed using wrenches and screwdrivers.

Physical stamina. You must be able to perform strenuous work for long periods.

Physical strength. You often lift heavy equipment and parts, including escalator steps, conduit, and metal tracks. Some apprentices must be able to lift 100 pounds to participate in a program.

Troubleshooting skills. You should be capable and do your best to diagnose and repair problems.


• Hourly rate of pay to be discussed based upon your experience and your capabilities
• Annual Holiday Bonus
• We provide approximately 2k in personal safety equipment
• We provide Uniforms, ID cards and $90 per year allowance for safety rated boots

Champion Elevator is an independently owned, full-service elevator maintenance, repair, violation removal, and testing company. All services are provided throughout New York City's five boroughs, Westchester, Nassau & Suffolk counties. We offer our customers a hand-selected and carefully screened group of highly dedicated and talented elevator professionals to work with. The strategic pre-planning of our business model combined with pro-active daily operations have made Champion the elevator source for many building-related professionals. The referrals we frequently receive from our clients is confirmation of our successful efforts to provide superior products and services.

As a company, every day we seek new challenges to make ourselves better, achieve higher standards, increase efficiency and provide our customers with the very best elevator services possible. Our goal is to continuously reaffirm your selection of Champion as a superior industry leader and to provide our employees a fair, safe, and committed place of employment.

We are proud to be a company that puts customer and employee care at the top of its priorities and lives up to its promises and reputation for quality.

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