Qualification Requirements

The following are the minimum criteria for the NAEC to accept an application to become a Certified Elevator Technician:

  • Must be a current employee of, and be sponsored by, an employer that has a CET Supervisor (CET-S) in place.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of submission of the CET Candidate Application
  • Must have a high school diploma from a regionally accredited high School, a GED, or National normed Standardized Achievement Test.
  • Individuals who received their high school diploma or GED from a school or organization outside the United States of America will be required to have a transcript analysis completed by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers. The transcript analysis fee must be paid by the applicant. If the applicant meets all of the other CET Candidate requirements, the NAEC may grant the applicant provisional status for six months to make arrangements for the transcript analysis. Information on the transcript analysis process will be sent to the applicant along with the application verification packet.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or be legally authorized by the United States government to work and participate in a training program. The exception to this requirement is for individuals living outside the United States and are not working in the United States.
  • Must sign and secure the signature of an authorized representative of a sponsoring company on the completed application mailed to the applicant by NAEC return the signed application to NAEC along with payment in the amount of $210 (US $) NAEC Member/$650.00 (US $) Non-member representing the first year’s Administration/ Fee. NAEC accepts checks, money orders, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express Credit Card payment information will be included in the application verification package sent to you by NAEC. Please note that this fee is nonrefundable.

Instructions for Completing the On-Line Application

Complete each of the items and select the “Submit” button at the end of this application. For pull-down menu answers (i.e., the boxes that have a small black arrow pointing down on the right side of the white box), select the down arrow with your cursor and then select the appropriate answer. For fill in the blank answers (i.e., the white boxes without a small black arrow pointing down on the right side), place your cursor in the box, click the right mouse button and type in the requested information.

Unless otherwise specified in the instructions for a question, all items must be completed. Applications that do not have all of the items completed as directed will not be processed.

Finally, please make certain that your “Caps Lock” key is not engaged so that every letter you type is not in capital letters (i.e., JOHN DOE). Instead, type with the “Caps Lock” key off, and use the “Shift” key for initial capital letters as would be expected for normal typing (examples of proper use of capital letters: John Doe, Fargo Elevator Company, and TX for the proper abbreviation of Texas, etc.).

An asterisk (*) at the end of a fill in the blank question means that an answer is required for the respective question. Also, a response is required for a pull-down menu labeled “Must Make a Selection.”

CET Application

Personal Information


Current Employment Information

Previous Employment

Internet Access


Optional Questions

The following two questions are being gathered for statistical purposes only. You are not required to answer the next two questions and your failure to answer these two questions will not affect your application status.


By selecting the Submit My CET Application to NAEC button below, I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that if I am selected as a candidate in the CET program, falsified or misleading information provided on this application shall constitute good and sufficient grounds for retracting my CET status or immediate cancellation on my CET Certification. Also, by submitting this application, I agree to provide NAEC with copies of any documents requested to verify information I have provided in this application. Finally, by selecting the Submit My CET Application to NAEC button below, I understand that I will be required to authorize the release of information from all of the companies listed in this application.

Additionally, I certify that I understand and agree that in consideration of my participation in the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) Certified Elevator Technician (CET) program, I will never institute any suit, action at law or equity, or make any claim against the NAEC, NAEC employees, NAEC members, my employer, any and all future employers participating in the CET program, nor any members that assisted with the development, presentation, or implementation of the CET program, nor any of their officers, employees, or agents for or by reason due to damage, loss, or injury either to person or property, or both, whether developed or undeveloped, resulting or to result, known or unknown which may arise out of my participation in the NAEC CET program. Furthermore, I understand and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the NAEC, NAEC employees, NAEC members, my employer, any and all present and future employers participating in the CET program, and any and all vendors that assisted with the development, presentation, or implementation of the CET program against any claim for damages, compensation or other relief made by any person based upon or arising out of, in whole or part, my participation in the CET program.

Please do not send payment information with this application. This application gets your application process started. Application processing time is 2-3 weeks once your application is processed you will be mailed your application payment with instructions on completing your application process.

Your application will not be considered complete until NAEC receives a copy of the application sent to you by NAEC that has been properly signed, dated, and returned to NAEC along with a check or money order for the amount of: (1) $200 (US$) for employees of NAEC member companies, and (2) $625 for non-NAEC members.


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